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June 15, 2019 Off By Thomas Parker
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Once free, did not give up their attempts to establish contact with political prisoners. Having agreed with the warden, they began to visit prisoner, being in a prison hospital. When information about this reached gendarme police, an unexpected raid was carried out, caught in the evening 9 july young revolutionaries sitting on a bed in a prison hospital where they were arrested once again23. In August 1915, was called up for military service, and together with recruits went to Ryazan province. returned to Vladimir, where she was from. went to

November, the observation was removed from Maria. At the end of 1915 joined the Distribution Hospital24. it the event did not pass by the vigilant “well-wishers” who doubted in the medical qualifications of the former hatwoman and attributed her device to Jewish backstage hospital25. From the end of 1915 to the beginning of 1917, activities as the United Group, so the Social Revolutionaries and the Social Democrats separately did not manifest in anything. In view of this, their external surveillance was discontinued26.

Revolutionary the organization in Orel again ceased to exist. Her activities had only a theoretical nature, flowing exclusively in a circle formed the United group. Among its members existed striving for practical revolutionary activity, especially from recently arrived people in the Eagle, but they were implemented in the provincial center quite difficult. The main activity of the revolutionary circle was

connected with attempts to “establish patronage” of political prisoners, practiced in this period. In early 1917, former members Groups sympathetic to the SR views, according to police, intensified social activities, again trying to participate in the work of the regional committee of the Union of Cities 27. In the Bryansk district workers under the influence of economic oppression formed a solidary solidarity mass, making it more efficient campaigning of “unreliable elements” in their environment.