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Thus, the task of existing taxes in Oryol province was reduced to the legalization of prices dictatedbymarket conditions, that brought them closer to reference prices. Price taxing could notbecome tool to combat the general high cost, speaking only as a measure against speculativeprice increase in extraordinary circumstances. The first taxes weretaken by cities on the initiative of the crown. administration. In the first days after the startof the war, the governor spoke with a circular sentence in which remarked that somemerchants, taking advantage of the hype, the prices of the first items were raised extremelyhigh of necessity.

Acknowledging that unacceptable, the governor proposed municipalitiesto develop taxes that would fix normal market prices for the mostcommon goods67. In Cromes, there were dachshunds established by the public administration on the initiative of the police officer68. Before the events ofFebruary 1917 each city took an average of 10 dachshund Most often, taxing was revised in Livny (15 times) and little Dmitrovsk (14 times).Only three dachshunds were published in Cromey. AT 1914-1915 dachshunds appearedmoreor less periodically. WITH over time, their effectiveness declined dramatically, and in1916 by Kromy, Karachev and Mtsensk did not accept taxes;

Bryansk and Dmitrovsk acceptedthem only one day. The last dachshund was published in Yelets on February 4, 1917. Sheis spread only on rye flour and white bread69. Introduced at the beginning of the warin the interests of army purchases, price taxes from time has become a factoraffecting the situation on the market. By 1915 dachshunds have become a convenient tool forfaithful profit in the hands of merchants, who filed with the city government petitions for the revision of taxes in the direction increase because current prices make them uncompetitive when procurement, which affects the ability to provide the population. AT confirmation of this, someshops were closed, some were introduced limited product sales. There was a stir among thepopulation.

City Council, consisting mainly of the same merchants, it is easy She accepted new dachshunds without taking care of studying the situation on the markets outside provinces 70. In 1915, new dachshunds appeared with monthly regularity, what prompted merchants and peasant breadmakers to wait to “Play on the rise.” The more frequent revision oftaxes hindered the the circumstance that for their approval it was required to convene a meeting City Council, which was arranged once a month.