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The Rage of the Gatot Kaca Slot Machine

It’s strange how something may lurk in the background of your consciousness for years until suddenly leaping out at you. While an exaggeration, that is one possible interpretation of Pragmatic Play’s online slot machine Gatot Kaca’s Fury. The reason for this is that when we grow attached to a certain cast of characters, the introduction of a new one might be jarring. This is, of course, Gatot Kaca, who first appeared in the sequel to the studio’s ‘Gates’ series titled Gates of Gatot Kaca. Gatot Kaca has returned, and for some reason he’s not in a good mood. Let’s try to identify the source of his ire.

Gatot Kaca’s Fury takes place in a luxurious buildings in the mountainous setting, fitting for such an unusual character. I’m not sure what goes on in this area. It seems like the type of location where fighters get the mental and physical training they need to be truly effective. Something along the lines of the Shaolin Warrior Monks. That’s the gist of it, at least. Of course, we may be completely wrong, but that’s the general idea. There’s no denying that Gatot Kaca’s Fury has an unusual appearance, and Pragmatic Play’s penchant for making Asian-themed slot machines has allowed them the freedom to explore with new settings and characters.

Playable on any platform, Gatot Kaca’s Fury is a very volatile slot (a 5/5 rating from Pragmatic Play). Regular bets range from 20 percent up to £/€100 every spin, with the Ante Bet bumping that up by 25 percent for the chance at more scatter symbols. There is a maximum 96.54% RTP on Gatot Kaca’s Fury, regardless of whether you play for real money or buy free spins.

The action takes place on a game panel with 5 reels and 3 rows, and there are 20 fixed paylines for you to try to land winning combos on. All winning lines must start on the leftmost side of the grid, include at least three identical symbols, and proceed clockwise. In the event of a winning combination of five identical symbols, players can collect anywhere from 1.25 times their wager (for the 10s through the As) to 20 times their wager (for the helm/crown, treasure chest, bow and arrows, gold gauntlet, and the two characters). Last but not least, the wild can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 to act as a stand-in for any other normal pay symbol.

Gatot Kaca’s Revenge: Slot Machine Options

In terms of bonuses, Gatot Kaca’s Fury has a purchase feature, free spins with sticky wilds, and a win multiplier that increases when wild symbols appear.

Profit Increaser

The base game’s initial win multiplier is x1, and it increases by 1 with each spin. If a wild appears on reels 2, 3, or 4, the multiplier will rise by either 1, 2, or 3 times. Values of land and natural areas are combined. The multiplier is always reset to x1 after each spin of the base game.

No Risk Turns

Gatot Kaca’s Fury has five reels, all of which can be triggered by scatter symbols. When at least three scatters appear, a bonus game will begin. The triggering reels will then transform into a set of three smaller reels, each of which will display the digits 1, 2, or 3. The sum of the numbers determines the amount of bonus spins you receive.

The rules of the bonus round are mostly the same as the main game, with two major exceptions. The first is that any wild symbols that appear on the reels become sticky and remain there until the feature finishes. Like the standard game, when a Wild appears, the win multiplier is increased by a random amount. Until the bonus round is over, the win multiplier will remain in effect.

If you get 5 scatters, you’re guaranteed a win of 30x your wager; if you get 4 scatters, you’re guaranteed a win of 20x your wager; and if you get 3 scatters, you’re guaranteed a win of 10x your wager. If the target amount is not met, the bonus round is retriggered and the player is given a random number of free spins (1, 2, or 3). No hard and fast rule restricts the maximum number of retriggers.

Money for Spins

You may purchase spins for free right from the main menu. If you want to buy a 3, 4, or 5 scatter trigger, you’ll have to pay 100x, 200x, or 300x your wager.

The Slot Verdict: The Rage of Gatot Kaca

In its entirety, Gatot Kaca’s Fury is an unusual game, although its constituent elements have precedence. The reappearance of Gatot Kaca was the biggest shock of all. Maybe the player base really connected with the mythical character, and Pragmatic Play felt compelled to roll him again. Perhaps someone in the production company saw potential in his raw talent. It’s impossible to know for sure what brought Gatot Kaca back, and it doesn’t matter since he’s back either way.

Now let’s talk about the gambling side of things; Gatot Kaca’s Fury is most like the classic dog-themed slot The Dog House, not the preceding Gates slot. The two slot machines are quite similar in terms of playability. To sum up, wilds appear to increase the win multiplier, hang around for the free spins bonus round, and hopefully pay off. Is it preferable to have each wild generate its own multiplier, as in The Dog House, or to have a random value added to a global multiplier, as in Gatot Kaca’s Fury? There doesn’t appear to be a clear winner or loser here. The potential for spectacular multiplicative action is similar between the two, with Gatot Kaca’s Fury not being too far behind The Dog House, thanks to a win ceiling of 5,000x the stake.

Gatot Kaca’s Fury may not be as cute as its brother, but it should do well with slot players who have a particular affinity for Asian-themed games. The idea of Gatot Kaca’s Fury may pique the interest of this demographic, and the game itself has some nice features. However, with sticky wilds and a worldwide multiplier, it’s hard to really mess up. Overall, Gatot Kaca’s Fury wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible either, thanks to its rather fresh take on a familiar genre and some clever alterations to tried-and-true gameplay.

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