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Top Snooker Betting Sites UK 2023

Available in Great Britain

Welcome to our guide to the top snooker betting sites in the United Kingdom. Here you will find the greatest snooker betting odds and welcome bonuses from a variety of reputable service providers. We’ve also included a few essential snooker betting tips to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to put informed wagers on the correct markets.

Top Snooker Gambling Websites by Class


Free UK Snooker Accas Bets

ZetBet Sport Snooker Acca Boosts

bet365 Snooker Free Bets

Improved Kwiff Sport Snooker Betting Odds 888sport

Best Snooker Betting App Evaluating the Top Snooker Betting Websites

Why should you believe’s recommendations on snooker betting sites?


We are the authority on ranking the best established bookies and new betting sites for every sport.


The good news is that the majority of big bookmakers have excellent snooker betting markets and a variety of incentives and offers (including free bets), so it is advantageous to maintain accounts with many operators.


Yet, although there is no shortage of top snooker betting sites, only a select few have made our final list.


Find out why we recommend these bookmakers and what makes them so great by reading on.

888sport is one of the world’s largest bookmakers.



Having begun in the casino industry, 888sport entered the sports betting industry a couple of decades ago, leveraging their existing industry knowledge to produce a snooker betting service that has won numerous accolades.


888sport offers wagering on all major snooker tournaments, and the odds for each match are constantly competitive.


This snooker betting site offers in-play wagering on the vast majority of games, with prices tending to increase early on.


In addition to snooker free bets, the 888sport Sign-Up Offer features a casino bonus.


Pros & Disadvantages of 888sport Snooker Betting Pros

Daily price enhancements for snooker Bet builder and accumulator insurance

A variety of payment methods

Free snooker bets Cons

There is no live snooker streaming available.

Absence of snooker pricing increases

As a relatively new sportsbook, Bet UK competes with the leading snooker betting sites.



Our interesting snooker betting service is registered and controlled by the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring a safe and secure betting environment.


Bet UK offers snooker betting odds throughout the year, allowing clients to wager on lesser tournaments as well as the World Snooker Tour’s most prestigious events.


You may claim free bets as part of the Bet UK Sign-Up Bonus and uncover daily enhanced odds in the Bet UK Specials.


Pros & Disadvantages of Snooker Betting in the UK


Snooker free bets

Teddy Sheringham and Kieren Fallon endorse

Hot Bet UK promotions with enhanced odds

Outstanding live snooker betting service

The navigation may be enhanced

bet365 claims to be the most popular bookmaker in the world.



This well-known snooker betting website has been in operation for decades and has won several honors for its performance.


bet365 provides a highly competitive betting service on practically every sport available (including snooker).


New customers can receive bet365 Free Bets upon registration, which can be spent on the most recent snooker matches.


Not only can you experience ball-by-ball and frame-by-frame live snooker betting, but you can also watch live snooker streaming.


There is also an amazing cash-out option for accumulator wagers on snooker.


bet365 Snooker Betting Pros & Cons


Snooker wagering bonuses for new customers

Live snooker feeds

Extensive variety of markets

Excellent live betting service

Snooker bet boosts in bigger events


No money-back specials on snooker

Further bonuses may be added.

How Our Professionals Ranked The Leading Snooker Betting Sites


Our experts rank the top snooker betting sites according to stringent criteria in order to provide you with realistic and relevant betting advice. Here are characteristics of a good snooker betting website…


Wide Selection of Pre-Match Markets: When betting on snooker, it is essential to select the optimal betting angle. In addition to match winner markets, we would like to have correct score and handicap markets (ideally featuring several lines where we can bet over or under).

Important Competitive Snooker Odds We want to see snooker betting odds that are more than the indicated likelihood of a selection winning, regardless of whether you are placing a single wager or an accumulator.

In-Game Wagering on Each Snooker Match: Fans of snooker like placing in-game wagers, frequently on the outcome of each frame. In-play wagering is immersive and thrilling, thus it’s crucial for a sportsbook to offer real-time odds around the clock.

The Top Snooker Wagering Opportunities: In addition to offering free bets to new clients, the best snooker betting companies should also provide money-back offers and price hikes across all games.

24-Hour Client Service: Betting on snooker is enjoyable when help is available via email, phone, or live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Best Snooker Tournaments to Bet On The men’s World Snooker Tour schedule includes 20 tournaments.


Typically, the season lasts from late summer until the World Championship, which begins in April and concludes in early May.


In nine tournaments, players can receive ranking points, and the Triple Crown consists of three competitions: the World Championship, the UK Championship, and the Masters.


Here are the important snooker tournament dates:

There are numerous methods to skin a cat (and even more ways to place a snooker bet).



We have compiled a list of the most popular snooker markets for every major tournament.


Match Winner in Snooker: This one is simple. Simply determine which player will win a match. You can also select multiple players and combine them in an accumulator wager for snooker. This market is also extensively accessible In-Game.

Handicap Frame Winner: Often, handicap wagers are placed when one player is favored over another. It’s a wonderful market if you think the favorite will surpass their match odds or if you think the underdog will outperform the odds. To negate the perceived advantage in skill, bookmakers give a handicap of frames to level the playing field; these frames are added to the final score of the game, and the winner is the one who wins with these additions.

Correct Frame Score: If you’re seeking a higher-paying wager, check the Correct Frame Score market. Here, you anticipate the victorious player’s final score. There are a variety of possible outcomes, especially in World Championship matches that consist of the best of 19 frames.

Highest Break: Regardless of who wins a match, it is possible to wager on who will record the game’s largest break. This is a two-way market that maintains interest throughout the duration of the competition.

You can wager Over/Under on the total number of frames scored in a snooker match. It makes no difference which player wins the game; all that matters is how many frames are played before a player reaches the magic number.

Number of Centuries: A particularly popular market for World Snooker Championship wagering. In this market, consumers can wager on whether the number of centuries scored throughout the game will exceed or fall below a given threshold. You can wager on both individual and collective centuries.

Our Experts’ Best Snooker Betting Recommendations

Evaluate the Market for Handicap Betting: There are numerous matchups in which there is a clear favorite, allowing for a more competitive heat when it comes to conceding a specific amount of frames to the opponent.

Consider the Most Recent Competitions: While determining how to fill up your betting sheet for the upcoming matches, consider whether players advanced to the championship round of the previous competition. Each player’s form line can be examined by going back deeper in time.

Consider tournament participants that have performed well: The World Snooker Championship is held at The Crucible, a unique facility, and is comprised of a greater number of frames. Consider who has achieved success in each competition.

Opposition players while also supporting them: You should also consider betting against an out-of-form player in addition to betting on an in-form one.

Try placing a snooker accumulator wager: If you like the odds of multiple players winning their particular matches, consider combining them in an accumulator wager.

In-Game Wagering on Snooker

As its name implies, in-play enables live snooker wagering in which clients place wagers during a match.


You can wager on the winner of a match, and there may be opportunities to back a player at a higher price if they are trailing their opponent.


Did you know it is possible to earn money from bookmakers even if your wager on a losing selection is settled?


As a crucial component of their In-Play service, cash-out betting sites offer a money-back option.


In addition to match winner, correct score, and match handicap, there is a frame betting option for in-play snooker.


This allows clients to wager on the winner of the current frame.


Some in-play betting sites enable you to wager on the next color that will be potted, and it may be possible to wager on whether or not a century will be scored.


Snooker wagering on betting apps As the popularity of mobile sports betting continues to rise, more and more betting apps are appearing.


The majority of sports betting applications allow you to log in using Face ID, providing clients with an easy option to place wagers. There is also the opportunity to receive notifications and obtain free wagers and other promotions.


You should utilize snooker betting apps to receive the greatest service.


When it comes to in-play markets for live snooker betting, snooker betting apps are particularly beneficial. Live snooker streaming is often available through an app, such as bet365, in addition to live scoring.


The Best Snooker Wagering Options

There are numerous betting deals, free bets, and snooker betting bonuses available when it comes to wagering on snooker. Here are some of the most prevalent advertisements…


Deposit Equals

A betting site will match your initial qualifying deposit with bet credits, free bets, or a bonus.


First Bet Match

Make a first wager at minimum odds and receive free wagers to the same stake value.


Increased Odds Take advantage of inflated odds for multiple players to win a match or tournament.


Cash back

Make a first wager with a snooker betting site and receive a refund if your selection loses.


Acca Insurance

Make a snooker accumulator wager and receive a refund if one of your selections loses; several of our recommended sites provide competitive accumulator insurance.


Need to Know Snooker Betting Terminology Accumulator

This option enables you to combine the odds of many selections into a single snooker multiple wager.



This is the total number of points a player accumulates during one visit to the table by potting consecutive balls.



Some snooker markets emphasize scoring a century, which is a break of 100 or more points.



This requires one player to pocket all remaining balls.


A foul is committed when a player strikes the incorrect ball or when the white ball enters the pocket.


Every snooker match comprises of individual frames. A frame is won when a player has a significant advantage in points, and a new frame is played until the winner of the match is determined.


Free Throw

After committing a foul, a player occasionally has the opportunity to take a free throw and sink any coloured ball if their shot is obstructed.



A customer places an in-play wager on a market while the game is in progress.



Very simply, when a player strikes the white ball into another ball and that ball goes into one of six pockets.



In addition to being the name of the sport, this is also the term for preventing your opponent from reaching the object ball.


Top Snooker Betting Websites in the United Kingdom – Summary

We hope that our comprehensive snooker betting guide has provided you with all the knowledge you need to enjoy snooker betting.


We’ve highlighted many of the finest snooker betting sites where you can enjoy excellent introductory offers, free bets, and bonuses, so join one of our recommended sites right away to collect your bonus.

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