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Slot Machine Played Online by Electric Tiger

Reviews of the Electric Tiger Online Slot Game

The majority of us have played classic fruit machines, which include symbols of cherries, lemons, bells, and watermelons; nevertheless, the majority of us have not seen these conventional symbols transformed into glittering jewels. The standard form of fruit machine that you’ll find here has been upgraded in a few different ways, including the Electric Tiger slot machine from IGT, which has symbols that are studded with diamonds.

A groovy music in the manner of a disco club plays in the background while the five reels spin to create winning combinations. The high-paying Tiger symbol serves as a wild symbol and may spread across reels to help you complete more winning lines. However, a unique star symbol is the highlight of the show since it activates a one-of-a-kind bonus round called the Gateway Bonus that progresses through numerous stages to provide the most significant prizes.

Why did IGT decide to include a Tiger in one of their fruit machines? We don’t know, but it looks nice and contributes to the unique design of this popular slot, which you can discover online and play on both Android and iOS smartphones or tablets. We don’t know what it is, but it adds to the distinctive style of this popular slot.

The wagering range begins at only 0.25 per spin for those who are simply playing for fun and goes all the way up to 10.00 for players who are searching for the highest winnings. If the Tiger appears on each reel while playing for the maximum stakes, the player will win a total of 18,000.00 in only one spin.

If you think you have what it takes to take on the Tiger, then continue reading to learn more about what has made this game such a roaring success at every online casino that offers it.

Positioning the Slot for the Electric Tiger

IGT is one of the oldest, largest, and best-known producers of slot machines to land-based and online venues. Their products may be found all over the world. They always make sure that their games are simple to set up, with uncomplicated control buttons such as Plus and Minus to modify wager amounts, as well as the option to Autospin the reels for anybody who wants to relax while the game is in process.

Altering the volume of the background music is another possibility, as is selecting the medium (or mediums) on which to play the game. Electric Tiger is entirely compatible with desktop computers, laptops, Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads. This is in contrast to the majority of IGT slot machines, which are exclusively available in land-based casino locations. The clean and sharp design as well as the images guarantee that it will appear fantastic on any device.

Reviewing the paytable, which can be accessible by clicking on the tab located above the reels, is an activity that is well worth making the effort to carry out. Electric Tiger is not a simple game, particularly once the bonuses have been activated, and familiarizing yourself with the game’s guidelines before engaging in one of its extra rounds can offer you an advantage.

Once you have triggered the Gateway Bonus, on-screen instructions will be there to help you along to the large rewards that may be earned in this round. This bonus is unique to the game, but even if you haven’t looked out the paytable, once you have triggered it, the instructions will be there.

Electric Tiger’s Gameplay as well as Its Features

This is one of the most visually appealing slot machines you are likely to encounter since it has a brilliant neon background to the reels as well as symbols that shine as they spin down. It has a style that is almost mesmerizing, which goes well with the strange and fascinating premise of the game; nevertheless, you shouldn’t fall under its spell just yet since we need to have a look at how it works first.

In the primary games, it functions in the same manner as the majority of the others, paying out when sufficient instances of the same symbol land across any of the 15 paylines starting from the left side of the screen. You will witness bonus symbols that make the game even more exciting as the brilliant pieces of fruit, bells, fortunate horseshoes, and clover symbols spin around.

When it completes a payline from left to right, the Electric Tiger itself is a colorful beast that awards a big payout equal to 120 times your original wager. It also has the ability to extend across any reel that it lands on, which may result in a jackpot reward that is equal to 18,000 times your bet if it covers every symbol slot on all five reels. This symbol also has the ability to act as a wild, which means it may take the place of other symbols to help you create more winning combinations when necessary.

Even though the star sign will only appear on the center reel, anytime it does appear, you will be rewarded one of two great Gateway Bonus rounds. Both rounds are played on a different screen, which has five wheels in total, including a Wheel of Fortune game all on its own.

The fundamental Wheel Bonus gives you the opportunity to spin the wheel with the greatest value out of the four wheels in order to win a reward. If you win the Wheel Shot Bonus, you will get to spin the first wheel, and if it falls on an arrow sign, you will go to the second wheel in the bonus round.

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