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Efforts to contain prices have been made by the governor.in conjunction withcity government through price taxing and publishing various regulations that support its action.Sale of goods more expensive than the established fee was considered an administrativeoffense. With the introduction of taxes, public administrations have agreed with the governor onthat in each individual case of violation of the tax, the guardian should apply for anexpertopinion of the Board of Justice in order to determine whether caused by the increase in the price of market necessity. Orylovskaya councilthe provinces always made the conclusion 81 necessary for the merchants, and the cases were closed. Without receiving any protocol onthe imposition of an administrative penalty, but receiving complaints about the excessivecost of living from the townsfolk,

82 Governor Andreevskiyordered that protocolsbe submitted to him, regardless of 79 GAOO, f. 850,op.1, d.137, l.88. Circular police chiefs Orel province. 09/01/1914 80 GAOO, f.2, op.1, d.649,l.20. Report of the chairman of the Dmitrovsky district council. 02.02.1915 81 Thus, theMtsensk city mayor explained to the merchants in a personal conversation that there are noprotocols in thedrafting that’s okay because The city government can give the right conclusion, asit became known to “Oryol Bulletin see OV-1916.-3 February. 82 These complaints are heard notonly from newspapers. Copies of them, see: GAOO, f.580, art. 2, d. 4715. L.88-89. Anonymous letter to the Oryol governor. 10.10.1916 In the same place, l.110. Letter to the Governorof the postal and telegraph official A. Sobolev 11/14/1916 119 conclusions 83, but thebureaucracy was able to dissolve this order in the depths of office work, and the protocols still didnot arrive. New Governor Arapov was forced to eliminate the City Government altogether. theprocess of reviewing violations of binding orders, and administrative fines orimprisonment to impose.

Starting the duties of Orel governor, A.V. Arapov made repeatedattemptsto combat rising prices with various administrative acts. Already in January 1916,he issued a mandatory a decree prohibiting artificial and arbitrary price increases, Concealment of goods, refusal to sell if goods are available Police granted the right tocheck availability, quantity and purchase prices food stocks85. Mandatory ruling was accompanied a circular order of the governor to the police chiefs, in which It was proposed to takethe most stringent measures to carry out the ruling in life because the ruling reaches its goalonlywhen the acts envisaged by him will not go unpunished86.

AT reinforcement of the bindingordinance, Governor Arapov prepared Appeal to the inhabitants of the province with acall to fight with unfair price increase, similar to the appeal to the citizens of Vitebsk Zemsky goverment, newspaper article about which is stored in the office the governor. The appealwas the idea that “an exceptional the high cost of vital foods and food supplies, which isobserved within the province, caused almost exclusively by speculative techniques heaps of local shopkeepers who forgot all fear of God and shame in front of people, enjoy the difficult moment experienced by the Motherland.