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June 15, 2019 Off By Thomas Parker
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Trying to fight the widespread disregard for accepted dachshunds,Governor Arapov appealed to thepopulation for help. In his address he calls on residents to report to the police about known sales of goods more expensive than dachshunds89. However, the townsfolk did not want to deal with the police, and this The appeal did not find a response. It was also very difficult to prove the fact. illegal overcharging. In Bolkhov to protect the interests of customers in the summer of 1916, a warrior organized detours bazaars police officers.

The police were charged to butcher shops whiletrading in them. Bolkhovsky retired even established by his will the marginal price ofcucumbers,when traders began to extremely expensive to sell them 90. 87 Ibid, l.18. 88 GAOO,f.580, art. 2, d. 4621, l.4. 89 Appeal of the Oryol governor to the residents OGV.-1916.-8May.90 GAOO, f.580, art. 2, d. 6127, l. 121 At the request of city councils in early 1916 for manycities provinces were issued binding regulations against dealers of peasant products brought tothe market. She was forbidden buy until 10-12 am to give residents the opportunity to make purchases “first-hand”. Initially, it gavevery good results, but then buying It began at the entrances to the city91, and to make the adoption of The relevant prohibition of city councils could not. 

An influx of refugees into the provincial center provoked a rise in housing prices, which hit the locals renting apartments. “Orlovsky Herald “noted that the market for rental housing in Orel is notdeveloped, profitable almost no houses are built, and apartments or rooms are rented freed updue to changes in the marital status of homeowners. Accordingly, the landlord did not treat hislodger as client, but as a person dependent on him, seeking to raise the price as much aspossible above, and in case of disagreement, I got rid of the tenant by any means 92; Publicationby an interdepartmental meeting at the General Directorate of Affairs Local economy “Rules for establishing maximum prices for housing” 93 prompted the Oryol governor to be publishedon

December 14, 1915.relevant binding ordinance. His action extended not only to thecities of the province, but also to the suburban settlements, whose population was actually veryclosely connected with the city in economically. According to the “Rules”, the maximum wastaken on January 1, 1915, the Governor took steps to fix it in weekly eery homeowner had to pass in a police officer plot for receipt of information about the prices of their service