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"The Doctor Is In"

Doctor Carol Savage has a brand new column here on Nashville Newzine called “The Doctor Is In”. She has a high level of expertise and specializes in medical diagnoses of varied conditions and diseases. The purpose of her column is to educate the general public regarding medical awareness and precautions that can be taken to ensure a safe and healthy life. As with any medical advice, the reader/patient should seek opinions from their own practitioner regarding personalized circumstances and medical conditions.

Carol S. Savage, MD Family Practice

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Medical Examiners in Medicine
National Board of Medical Examiners Diplomat
National Board of Family Practice
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Controlled Substances
Federal DEA
Boston University School of Medicine MD
Tufts University: Special Studies, Pre-Med.
University of Massachusetts at Lowell MME

Professional Society Memberships:
Boston University School of Medicine Alumni Executive Board
Worcester District Medical Society, MA
Pain Management Committee
California Lyme Disease Association
International Lyme and Associated Co- Infections Society
American Medical Association
Massachusetts Medical Society
Boston University Medical School Student Chapter:
Public Relations Officer
Committee chairperson: Food Pantry, Kid’s Fund, Boston City Hospital
American Academy of Family Physicians

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Carol's video tribute to her Mom - Alvira
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Carol's video tribute to her marriage.




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Government Healthcare Insurance Exchange


When some of us were arguing against ObamaNOcare...none of us thought the electronic web site was even going to be an issue. Who would have thought they'd get that all wrong. I could care less about the stupid web site.

I am concerned about the quality of the medical care we will receive.
In the hospital where I work out of... in a department that used to always have about 13 to 14 Family Practice Doctors...we have lost 4 to retirement in the past 5-6 years since RomneyCare started in Massachusetts. Recently 3 doctors "Jumped Ship" and have left the hospital to re- affiliate with a hospital system just over the border in New Hampshire, one more has just left to work for another nearby hospital system, and now there are only 2 possibly 3 remaining Family Practice doctors who are still at the hospital and I am one of the three.

I will likely just hold on to my hat...there is no sense in jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. We can not escape...other than to consider moving to another State that will fight ObamaNOcare tooth and nail. Which I am willing to do.

One of the drug reps who came to my office two weeks ago told me that he has about 200 offices in his territory that he visits. He told me that 4 to 5 years ago 98% of the offices were independent physicians offices. Today he says there are less than 10 doctors in his territory remaining who are independent. All the rest are salaried, work for large groups or for profit hospitals. And my office, of course, is one of the 10 out of 200 doctor's offices which is still independent.

IMO...Obama is intentionally trying to accomplish and create a system where no doctor can survive unless they are salaried and work for the government.

My options and Your options will quickly disappear.

"Now remember how important it is to take your Vitamin D, and eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables, Omega #3 fish oil, cod liver oil, and eat as many brightly colored fruits and vegetables as possible.
See ya next time."

Doctor Savage