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Jags Eat Rust, Ravens Eat Crow
By The Titans Chick - Bethany Reynolds

Hey gang! It's that time of year again. First let me put the offseason in a nutshell:

Locker/lockout, Fisher's out/CJ holds out, VY out/Hasselbeck in, Munchek is 1-1 as a head coach and this chick is ready for some football!

I really believe the Jacksonville game was nothing but knocking off the rust. As badly as the Titans played, they still almost won despite themselves. That certainly was not the same team that showed up last Sunday at LP field and made the Ravens eat crow. I think that is the real team that we are dealing with this year. I'm excited about the receivers and both quarterbacks. So far Hasselbeck looks good. But if something happens to him I feel pretty good about Locker coming in too.

Last year’s Denver game was one that the Titans really should have won. They let it get away. In the long run, it didn’t really matter (I don’t think we would have made the playoffs if we had been 7-9 instead of 6-10), but a loss to them this year could come back and bite them. This is a very winnable game and Tennessee needs to get out there and take care of business.

Now here's what happened in my "off season". We have a new addition to our family! Layla Bug is now 7 months old and she is a Titan fan down to her sweet little core. (at least until she can tell me otherwise) She is much more tolerant of my "little outbursts" than my cats! She doesn't hiss, scratch and race out of the room with every fumble, interception, personal foul or holding call! She doesn't cringe out the sound of Mike Keith's voice on the radio an hour before kick-off. She is the perfect little Titan and I finally have someone who will listen to my rants and raves when things don't go well and high five me when we score! Okay, I’m still working on the high five thing.

So, here we go, a new season, a new coach, a new quarterback(s), a new contract for CJ, and a new little fan. It's football time in Tennessee. Go Titans!


From Horrible to Horribler
By Bethany Reynolds

I know "horribler" is not a word but it's the most appropriate word I can think of (except possibly "horriblest") to describe the last few weeks for Titans fans.

Let's talk about the baby formerly known as Vincipoo. I missed the strip show but I did watch VY's body language and general attitude from the time they got booed early in the Redskins game to right before the infamous meltdown. To be honest, I'm torn on how I feel about Vince and his inability to handle negativity and rough times. I, myself have been accused of being a crybaby, a spoiled brat, and a self-centered egomaniac. However, I have never had a multi-million dollar NFL career riding on my mental capacity to handle adverse conditions. I would like to believe that my ego would be willing to step aside and accept help; (that I know he has been offered) to get a grip, grow up, man up, and earn that enormous paycheck!

The fact is that after five years of being a professional football player, he has NOT been able to overcome this glaring character defect, which leads me to believe that he is incapable of changing; at least enough to survive the brutality that accompanies the glamour of being successful in this league. I just don't think he can do it. I HATE saying this because I have always been a big VY supporter, defender and fan. But I have to back away and see it for what it really is. I think it's time for the Titans to cut ties and say goodbye to VY.

Now, having said that, the game against Houston on Sunday was agonizing to watch. I wasn't this appalled last year after the big snowstorm whipping the Titans took against the Patriots. The Titans looked HORRIBLE. And I know Rusty Smith is a rookie and this was his first start in the NFL but man, if he is all we have, we are in for a long rest of the season. Maybe he'll get better but I don't want to have to suffer through his growing pains.

I have to give the Texans credit. They played almost flawless. Although I thought the refs were total homers and that fight that broke out between Finnegan and Johnson was a crock! Cortland Finnegan, (my new favorite Titan-I'll have to come up with a pet name for him. How 'bout Cortipoo-no, nevermind, I'll think on that one) and Andre Johnson both got ejected. Andre should have as he was throwing punches to the head of CF. But CF didn't do anything wrong except rip of AJs helmet. AJ had already ripped CF's helmet off so CF was just trying to make it an even fight. Understand? Anyway, as it turned out, both got ejected and fined but not suspended. My opinion is the only reason Johnson was not suspended is because Houston has a game on the NFL Network this week. Uh huh!

Well, as I said, it has been a rough few weeks, actually a rough few months. I don't know if they can salvage this season. I'm not optimistic but we'll see. Worst-case scenario, we lose out and get Cam Newton in the draft. VY all over again!

I want to send best wishes to Mike Heimerdinger, Titans Offensive Coordinator, who will undergo cancer treatment this week. He was a real trooper showing up at the game just to be there for the rookie QB's first start. God bless ya, Dinger!

Hopefully this chick will have better news next time around!

A Loss, A Moss, Another Loss
By Bethany Reynolds

Three weeks ago, the Titans went into San Diego looking to go 6-2. After all, the Chargers were only 2-5. They had racked up some serious yardage over their first seven games but thanks to stupid mistakes and turnovers, they had a very misleading record. I was nervous. The Chargers have given the Titans fits for years. This game was no different. San Diego STILL has Tennessee’s number! But the game started out great. There’s no better way to start a road game than with a safety on the opening series. Sadly, right at that moment my 12 year old cat Leo came in the room to remind me that it was his birthday. He had no more nestled in my lap when down goes Phillip Rivers in his own end zone. Needless to say, I screamed like a banshee and Leo left his mark (in my flesh) as he fled away not to surface again until that night. By the way, what is a banshee? Is that a politically incorrect word? If so, I apologize to Banshee Nation. Anyway, after the safety, not much else good happened for the Titans and we were on our way into a bye week with a LOSS! I hate that!
But something amazing happened during that week…

The Titans did something unthinkable, something bold, and brazen and totally unlike them; they signed straight off the waiver wire Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss. He had been let go earlier in the season by the Patriots. Minnesota then signed him specifically to help out Brittle Favre. But all it took was one brat-like insult of the caterer for the Vikings and Moss gets the boot again. Tennessee surprisingly signed him for next to nothing and just in time as Kenny Britt was injured and out for several weeks during that fateful Chargers game. I think Randy will be happier down here anyway. I mean, the food is better, the weather is nicer and there are no other Divas to compete with on this team.

Well, off they went to Miami after that exciting bye week. Vincipoo was still hurting from his Jacksonville injury so Jeff Fisher decided to start Papa Collins. Bad idea Jeff! Papa’s middle finger that he injured in the Jags game was still giving him trouble. Or at least that’s what appeared to be the problem since it looked like he was hurling a medicine ball around the field. Another Titan causing problems with his middle finger, sheesh! Anyway, Kerry pulled his calf muscle right at the end of the first half so VY went in for the second half. It was too late by then. The momentum had been irretrievably shifted over to the Dolphins. You just had the feeling Tennessee was not going to pull it out and they didn’t.

Our defense is the big question mark right now. We just can’t seem to stop anybody. I think the offense will be fine once Randy Moss gets worked into the system. If he does nothing else, he’ll open things up for Chris Johnson, who will in turn, open up things in the passing game. What goes around comes around, eh?

Next is the poor pitiful Washington Redskins who were humiliated on Monday Night Football by Michael “I Hope He Comes Back as a Dog In His Next Life” Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Skins will either be out for blood this week or come staggering into LP field like a bunch of wet kittens. Either way, the Titans can’t overlook them. Every game is a must win from here on out if the T-boys want to go to the Big Game. (Super Bowl; there I said it! So sue me!)

Goooooooo Titans! Chow!

Titans Torch the Jags and Stun the Eagles
By Bethany Reynolds

The spotlight was bright. It was Monday Night. And Jacksonville Jaguar fans were ready for some football. Their usual anemic game attendance was sold out. It was Code Teal and the stadium was rocking! It looked ominous for the visiting Titans. But from the first series on, Tennessee marched up and down the field all night long on Jacksonville. The stadium was just about empty by the middle of the 4th quarter. They had been humiliated-plain and simple and to make matters worse, on the biggest stage in the NFL, Monday Night Football.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the Jags. Not the players but the fans. They came with such high hopes. They had built this game up for months and were hoping that a big home win in front of a national audience would jumpstart their dying franchise fan base. Wait! What am I doing? The Titans came out with a HUGE win and I’m boohooing about poor pitiful Jag fan. You know what? I don’t feel sorry for them. They have given us fits over the years. The Jags now officially hate the Titan’s guts and I love that! What a rivalry. Feels good to beat the pulp out of a division rival! Feel the love!

Oh, and did I mention we did all of this pretty much without VY. Yes, once again, at the hands of the Jags, he went down in the backfield with a knee and ankle injury. BUT Papa Collins came in cold off the bench and lit ‘em up! I’m sure Vince still has nightmares about the first game of the 2008 season when he went down in the Jags game with a similar injury (as well as a mini mental meltdown). That cost him the whole season and a lot of respect from fans, analysts and coaches. But he did recover eventually (his knee long before his pride and reputation) and won his starting QB job back in the middle of the 09 season. Don’t worry Vincipoo, you’re still the man!

Anyway, there was a real danger that coming off a big win like that might lead to a letdown but that was not the case. Well, let me rephrase…it WAS the case for the first three quarters of the Eagles game at LP field last Sunday. The Eagles dominated the Titans. But then, something happened. Something that Titans fans, coaches and players have been waiting on for two years. KENNY BRITT showed up. He was awesome! He was flying around all over the place coming back to under thrown balls, beating defenders and making massive yards after the catch! It was beautiful. I haven’t heard Mike Keith blow up the radio like that in a very long time. The Titans could do no wrong that last quarter of the game and scored an unbelievable 27 points! They were behind the whole game until the route began and the Titans never looked back.

So now, we face the curse of the Chargers. San Diego has owned the Titans in the last seven match ups. Vince in particular has had trouble with their defense. So maybe we should start Papa Collins for this game. The Titans have a bye next week so that would give VY two more weeks of healing. No, Vince needs to make a statement here. Everyone says Vince is good against average teams but can’t hack it against 500 or better teams. This is a great opportunity for him to prove himself, once and for all and get these whiny monkeys off his back.

It sure would be nice to go into the bye week and midseason at 6-2. Maybe this is their year to hand it to the Chargers. After all, the Chargers are a lowly 2-5 team right now. Get ‘em while their down fellas! Go Titans


Lost An Easy One, Won A Hard One
By Bethany Reynolds

How is it that the Titans can lose to a mediocre team like the Denver Broncos AT HOME and then go on the road to one of the most difficult venues to play in the NFL and pull out a win? The Denver loss is one that we might look back on and go, we should have won that one, if only we had won that one, why didn’t we win that one, if we had won that one, we’d be in the playoffs! I hope that is not what happens but man, you gotta win those!

Well, we did win one that not many thought we would so maybe it evened things up. The Titans defense murdered Tony Romo with 6 sacks! I bet he was one sour puppy Monday. Again it was one of those wins where the national media claims the Titans didn’t win it, the Cowboys lost it. Whatever the case may be, it’s a big W for Tennessee. I’m sorry but those cocky Cowboys needed somebody to come hand it to them in their own backyard and I’m glad it was us! Way to go Titans!

Now looking ahead we have a Monday Night Football game against the Jags. This is always a big game but it is especially big this time because it’s a nationally televised game AND the Titans and Jags are tied for the LEAD in the division! Yes, you read that right. Not tied for last but FIRST! And even more strange, the Colts are last in the division. So, the Titans need to beat the Jags to secure first place in the AFC South. Copy and paste this paragraph, print it and frame it. It only happens once every 865 years.

This season is fun. Lots of great games, wild moments, controversy, drama and some wins. But my nerves can’t take these nail biters. I need blowouts for the next few games to get my heart back in shape. Blowouts in our favor would be preferable.

So Sunday won’t be quite as exciting but Monday Night this chick will be ready for some football!


Titans Topple Giants
By Bethany Reynolds

Boy, it sure felt good to type that headline. I think I'll type it again- Titans Topple Giants! Whoo Hoo! I love it.

You won't read or hear this on the national media but the Titans played great and deserved to win this game. National media and Giants fans say "Giants beat themselves..." Well, yeah, they did play horrible but turnovers are caused by defenses. Teams get momentum and cause other teams to play like Betty White. That's what it is all about. I don't remember anybody screaming that the Titans beat themselves against Pittsburg.The Steelers are a great team with an incredible defense. They deserved to win that game!

So here's to the mighty Titans! Good win guys. You went on the road, took care of business and are now 2-1 facing a mediocre team at home this week.

But don't overlook the Broncos. They've got Wonder Boy (he's not Superman anymore-he's in the big leagues now) Tim Tebow on their team and they just might stick him in there for a play or two. If they do, please do me a favor and smash his face into the ground - hard. I wouldn't mind getting an up-close gander at the so called greatest player to ever play college football but I'd like to see it after Tony Brown, Derrick Morgan, Jason Jones and Jacob Ford have tattooed their numbers on his helmet. 

Okay, so I'm ready for a great weekend of football. Hope to be able to write another happy headline next week!


Steelers Steal Titans Thunder
By Bethany Reynolds

There was no stomping of the terrible towels at LP Field Sunday, only stomping of the terrible Titans. I’m sorry, but our boys did not show up against the Steelers. And let me tell ya, you GOTTA show up for the Steelers. Everybody knew VY would have problems with their defense which is arguably the best in the league. Sure enough, he did; so much of a problem that Jeff Fisher plucked him out like a nose hair during the third quarter. Just tell me this; why would Coach Fisher let Kerry Collins run the season into the ground last year before he benched him? Vince has a few bad quarters and he gets the hook? Fisher has never benched a quarterback in the middle of a game for playing badly. Why now?

What can I say about our offensive line? I felt like I was watching an episode of the Golden Girls! Their job is to protect the quarterback not roll out the red carpet for the defense to ambush him. This leads me to my next gripe:

The rules are so strict (and numerous) regarding protecting the quarterback. If you look at the QB the wrong way, they’ll throw a flag at you. There are very few choices one has in how you can tackle a quarterback and I’m sure that three big 350 lb Steelers lifting up VY, flipping him over like a pancake and slamming him to the ground is not one of them! But NO flag. If those guys had come within 10 yards of Peyton Manning the officials would have called in the National Guard.

The bottom line is nobody on the team was effective. Not Vince, Kerry, the O-line (aka Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia), special teams, not even CJ. I can’t even say the defense was good holding them to 19 points because Pittsburg was playing their 10th string quarterback. They weren’t even trying to score, just stop the Titans and that they did,.

Hopefully they are mad and take it out on the Giants this week in the Meadowlands. We’ll see. But one thing I know for sure, this Chick will be watching and listening, cheering them on, scaring my cats and having a blast.

Vinciepoo and The Golden Grill Lead Titans to BIG Victory
By Bethany Reynolds

Hi Everybody! I'm Baaaaack! I'm so excited that football season is finally here. It was a long boring off season for this chick and I'm back in gear and ready to rock and roll.

There's one thing for certain that I can tell you about this season for the Titans- they will NOT start out 0-6. No, no, no. Now I know we have to take it one game at a time but if the season opener was any indication of what's to come, then we are in for a great season!

The Titans won big on their opening game Sunday at home against the Oakland Raiders. But the best part is the offense score points! I hope the days of scores like  9-6 are over. We want points. TONS of points. And not just fluke points. Real points scored by the offense! That is exactly what we saw on Sunday; the offense doing its job. The defense came up with some big turnovers that set up easy scores for the offense too. The return game was not spectacular but Mariani was able to hang on to the ball and safely secure decent field position. Improving punt and kick-off coverage was a point of emphasis during the off season and improved they are! Bironus booted a few through the uprights so the Titans were clicking on all cylinders!

Here's one thing that bothered me. There was no good reason for keeping the Golden Grill (Chris Johnson) in for the entire game. They had already put the game away by the middle of the third quarter. This would have been a perfect time to get Javon Ringer some valuable snaps at the same time saving C.J. The only explanation for keeping him in was to pad his stats and that is just stupid. He's going to get great stats even if they only played him 3 quarters every game. It is ludicrous to risk him getting an injury or even putting unnecessary wear and tear on his body. Running backs don't last long in this league.  They should rest him every chance they get. Ringer has the ability to rip off an 89 yard dash too if they'd given him a chance! Come on!

The most disturbing part of that day was that my cats seem to be much calmer this year than ever before. I mean, on the opening kickoff when Oakland fumbled the ball, I let out a blood curdling scream (which was a feat in itself having just recovered from severe laryngitis.) One cat just kept on snoring and the other two looked at each other like "Good grief, is it football season again already?" then casually slinked into the other room.  Lightning, my football cat, (meaning she comes running TO me when she hears me screaming and yelling) slept through the whole game. I hope they are okay.

So here's the way I see it. We've got VY and CJ as the new "Smash and Dash" combo. Except now instead of Lendale White in the roll of "Smash" we have VY who’s not really a smasher but more of a darter.  How about that: Dart and Dash? Eh, well, I'll think on that one.

All in all the first game gives all Titans fans some hope for an exciting season. The Steelers come to town next and this will be a much bigger test for the offense. So if you have tickets, GO to the games! The crowd really does play a role in the outcome of these games sometimes. Get your rumps in the seats, scream, holler and stomp on a few yellow towels!

Oh, one last thing; about Reggie Bush forfeiting his Heisman Trophy- I say we just take the lead from one of this country's greatest competitions, Miss America. "If for any reason the winner cannot fulfill her (his) obligations...then the runner up will resume the title..."  Give it to Vincipoo!!!!!!

8-8; It’s All a Matter of Perspective
By Bethany Reynolds

Wow! What a rollercoaster ride it has been this season. From 0-6 to 8-8. Not bad. But one can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Vince Young had started from game one; or at least game four. Or, what would have happened if they had kept Kerry Collins at starting quarterback the whole season? (I believe we would have the first draft pick in April) but we’ll never really know for sure.

The two big stories of this season, beside the tragic and bizarre circumstances of Steve McNair’s death and the bird shooting frenzy that Bud Adams went on, are the comeback of Vince Young and the record setting Chris Johnson.

First let me just say, that I never left Vince’s corner. I was joking when I asked how much I could get on EBay for his jersey. I have always been a VY fan and am thrilled that he has done so well. I’m thrilled for the team and I’m thrilled for him. This is the second time in four short years that he has taken a team that everyone else had given up on and gotten them back in serious contention for the playoffs. The difference is that the first time he practically did it singlehandedly by putting the team on his back and running his way to one W after another. This season, he had CJ, a few good catches by his receivers and tight ends along with using his own sticks.

There’s good news and bad news about Chris Johnson. The good news is he broke the 2000 yard mark this season. The bad news is that the Titans have a 2000 yard running back and still can’t make the playoffs. CJ certainly didn’t suffer from the ever dreaded sophomore slump like VY did. It would have been interesting to see what kind of numbers he could have put up in the playoffs. Oh well, maybe next year. Oh and CJ, instead of getting your offensive line Rolex watches, you should have given them each one of those hideous gold teeth and bought yourself some pearly white chicklets! I’m just sayin’…

So, now the most depressing time of year has come. Football season is over for this chick. My cats can come out from hiding; I can put my portable radio back in the storm cellar, my family can watch America’s Next Top Model all afternoon on Sundays, and I’ll pack up my #10 and #31 jerseys and start waiting for the draft in April.

Thank you all for reading my rants this season. I’ll pop in occasionally through the off season when something newsworthy comes along; a player gets arrested, VY goes back to Texas to get his PhD, Keith Bullock admits that Sandra is his half sister, Fisher get’s his own reality show or CJ changes his name to Veinte Ocho. Till then, chow!

Music City Miracle II
By Bethany Reynolds

Hi everybody! I just returned from orbit; a natural high that I received Sunday after attending my first Titans game of the season, and what a game to attend! But first let me tell you a sad story. When I was a child my stepfather used to make us leave every football game at the end of the third quarter, no matter how close the game was. This way we “beat the traffic.” We missed a lot of unbelievable fourth quarters too so I vowed that when I grew up, I would NEVER leave a game one second before the clock hit zero, and I haven’t. This would include the game two years ago when the Giants came to town and had the Titans down 21-0 with under 10 minutes to go. People were streaming out of the stadium by the thousands. From my south end zone seat I could see disgruntled fans stomping across the Woodland Street Bridge scowling back over their shoulders in utter disgust.I turned to my aunt Carolyn and said, “do you believe in miracles?” She answered “yes” and the rest is history. Vince Young mounted a come back to win at the end of regulation with a score of 24-21.

Well, we were sitting in those same seats last Sunday with 2:27 on the clock. The score was Arizona 17, Titans 13. Vincipoo and his peeps were pinned back on their own 1 yard line. Carolyn looked at me and said “do you believe in miracles?” I answered “yeah buddy!” 99 yards and 18 plays later, you’d think we’d won the Super Bowl. I could hear Mike Keith screaming from my seat! “It’s caught!!! It’s caught!!!! WOW!!!” The stadium erupted! What an incredible, unbelievable, unimaginable drive! Receivers who had not had their names called all season were coming out of nowhere to grab passes and get out of bounds. But the biggest catch of all, with 6 seconds on the clock, 4th and goal from the 10, rookie receiver Kenny Britt (who had a very costly fumble that cleared out people early) had to redeem himself. And that he did! He leaped up in the end zone and pulled in the game winning touch down keeping the winning streak alive!

Now that the Titans are almost back to 500, here come the Colts; the undefeated but very beatable Colts. The Titans are on fire. The Colts are banged up at key positions. VY and company should be able to go up there and take care of business and get to 6-6. I will not speculate beyond that. I will not mention the “P” word. Not until after the Colts anyway.

Now a short word about the amazing Chris Johnson; He ripped off an 85 yard touchdown run in the Arizona game and you hardly heard a word about it. It’s become so common and expected of him. He announced yesterday that he is starting his own campaign for league MVP honors. I’m on board! I tell you, if he would just get rid of those gold teeth! I know, it’s a million dollar mouth but it’s just…eeewww! Yank out those 14 karat caps and plug in some pearlie whites and he’d get an affectionate nickname like my little “Vincipoo.” I’d forevermore refer to him as Chris “Studmuffin” Johnson!


Hi High Birdie
By Bethany Reynolds

I’m sorry, I know it was tacky, uncalled for and obscene, but there is just something hilarious about an 86 year old bazillionaire firing off double barreled birds to a crowd of 65,000! What was going through Bud Adams’ mind!?! He was fined $250,000 for his ornithological display of affection toward the Buffalo Bills last Sunday at LP Field. Of course that’s just a drop in the bucket for Bud the Bird.

But about football; I’m almost afraid to say it, but the Titans are on a huge roll as they have ripped off three straight wins since finally replacing Kerry Collins with our real quarterback, Vincipoo Young. Nothing at all against Collins, he just wasn’t clicking. VY has had three solid performances but has been overshadowed by the freak of nature, Chris Johnson. This guy is wicked! He is breaking all kinds of records every week and is well on his way to being added to the elite short list of players who have rushed for 2000 yards in one season. Barring any injuries (please NO!) he should make it.

I don’t know what has happened to this team but ever since the humiliation in the snow up in New England last month they are a different bunch of guys. They are catching the ball, special teams has stepped up big time, and we have some key guys back in the secondary. It’s impossible to say how much this has to do with putting VY back at the helm but I personally believe it is huge. These guys needed something fresh; some new “Young” blood to light a fire under them. So far so good. Next is Houston. A Houston team that is far better than any Texan team they have faced before.

This season has been full of surprises, good and bad. So sit back and enjoy the show. We’re only half way done. At least the sideshows now are not on the field!

Is VY Back?
By Bethany Reynolds

He is for the time being anyway. He’s got nine more games to prove that he is worth the investment and to prove his head coach WRONG. That’s right Jeff Fisher, you were wrong. At least that’s the way it looks now. Young may crumble before it’s all over with but his performance Sunday against Jacksonville was about as close to flawless as he can get. He tossed one pass up for grabs that could have been disastrous but the chips were falling our way that day and the defender dropped it. So my little Vincipoo went on to have a solid performance completing 15 of 18 passes for 125 yards, and running 10 times for 32 yards.

Now, this leaves the Titans in several awkward positions.

Awkward position #1: Jeff Fisher alienated Vince Young by stubbornly standing by the aging Kerry Collins when he should have canned him after game 2. Can the Fish eat crow and suck up to VY?

Awkward position #2: The Titans have a big decision to make at the end of this season. Are they going to stick with their number 3 overall pick from the 2006 draft or dump VY and take a chance on another expensive high draft pick? I mean do we really want someone like Tim Tebow? More than likely we wouldn’t have to worry about his character or off the field issues but he won’t last very long as a running back posing as a quarterback in this league. Or what about Sam Bradford with his injury issue? That leaves yet another Longhorn which the Titans seem to love. What about Colt McCoy? I don’t know but he’s got a cool name!

Awkward position #3: (this one ties in with Awkward position #1) Bud Adams and Jeff Fisher obviously do not see eye to eye on who should be their guy at QB. Who wins this battle? Well, right now the OWNER of the team seems to have the edge. Only time will tell how Vince does down the stretch. He has everything to gain and everything to lose. It is time that VY steps up and proves Bud Adams right. So if he does do well, Bud totally wins the QB fight. If he does terrible Fisher wins the QB fight but is sitting with a 2-14 team. Not good either way for the Fish.

Anyway, I’m rooting for Vince all the way. After all, I have a lot invested in him too! #10 Young jersey-$80, VY tie dyed t-shirt-$14.99, VY 2009 Calendar -$8 (it was on sale after he crashed and burned last year), “V” the quarterback bumper sticker- $5, watching the Fish eat Crow…PRICELESS!

I’ve decided to change my name to the Titans Witch
By Bethany Reynolds/Titans Chick

I thought of some other possibilities but settled on that for decency purposes. I guess it’s just time to start looking ahead to next year, which makes me furious because I feel like I just staggered out of a long torturous offseason waiting patiently with childlike faith and optimism that this will be our year; that we are loaded with talent and that perfect chemistry to take it all the way to the Super Bowl. It’s hard to drum up that type of sunny attitude year after year.

The Jacksonville game was the biggest joke I have ever seen. Our defense did not even show up. I don’t think they were even on the plane. The first 3 games I really thought that our ride on the Toilet Bowl Express had nothing to do with losing Albert Haynesworth. But I’m beginning to understand that it does play into it. Albert was so disruptive that the opposing quarterbacks had to get rid of the ball quicker. If a quarterback has all day to throw, the d-backs have all day to have to defend the receivers and eventually the receiver will win that battle and get open. Also, Albert required double, sometimes triple teaming which allowed KVB, Kearse and everybody else to come in and get the quarterback. So Albert really made everybody else look good by being so disruptive on the line. It is really amazing what one player can do to elevate everyone else. That rule goes the other way too. A few stupid mistakes can take the whole team down as well.

There is not much to say about the Colts game. National TV, Code Blue, 0-4-what more motivation do you need. But it wasn’t enough. I think any sniff of hope was lost on the Colts final drive right before the half with just over a minute to play. The Titans had just scored (I know, just a field goal but hey we gotta take what we can get) the Colts were backed up inside their own 10 yard line. Then our boys in blue started their self destructive assault on the passer. They bumped into the passer, roughed the passer, made a pass at the passer, and whatever they could possibly do to the passer and pushed the Colts right down the field into the end zone. Uh excuse me but the “passer” was Peyton Manning. He didn’t need the help! Hey, you know, New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress is sitting in jail for 2 years for shooting himself in the leg last year. I wonder what the jail time is for shooting yourself in the FOOT!

The one bright spot in last night’s game is that my little Vincipoo got to play. The bad news is that he didn’t do anything. I’m afraid that our star quarterback from Texas might be named Colt McCoy this time next year. But it’s too early to make such projections…oh wait, no it isn’t. We are 0-5! We better start thinking about our high draft pick for next year. Who will we get? Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, or maybe Jonathan Crompton!

Mirror Image of Last Year’s Record?
By Bethany Reynolds/Titans Chick

What is going on? 0-3? I don’t get it. Oh wait, I know, muffed punts, fumbling in the red zone, blocked and missed field goals inside the 40, sideline brawls, penalties for recovering a muffed punt before it hit the ground. This is some weird stuff going on. The weirdest and stupidest being the throwback uniforms. I can’t stand them!

First of all, we are not the HOUSTON OILERS. We are the TENNESSEE TITANS. Houston is the team that BEAT us last week. (The one game so far this year that we actually got to wear our regular TENNESSEE TITANS uniforms.) I know that it is the 50th anniversary of the AFL but enough already. Who cares? Have 75 year old retired players come out in their old uniforms during half time. The Jets, who were the Titans, looked like the Steelers in their black and yellow, and the Titans, who were the Oilers looked like they should have been carrying around “It’s a boy!” signs with their powder blue and white digs!

Let me say, I am not upset with Ryan Mouton. He is a rookie and obviously not ready to be a return man in the NFL. Well, I say obviously. It obviously is not obvious to Jeff Fisher and company who emphatically refused to entertain the notion of bringing in a veteran to help out with our non-existent return game. They should have NEVER let Chris Carr go. But they did, so when they had the chance to bring in former Titan, Bobby Wade, a few weeks ago, they should have grabbed him up quick. But noooooooo, Mike Reinfeldt said they liked the rookies that they had and didn’t need to waste a roster spot by bringing in somebody who knew how to catch a ball. Well, dare I say that our 0-3 record might very likely be 2-1 had we done this.

Now Mouton, who's got a ton of potential, is going to have to get intensive long term therapy after being thrown out to the wolves and mauled to death. This is gonna take more than a co-dependent pat on the back and a chat with Dr. Phil to get this kid’s confidence back. Meanwhile we’ve got the Jags on the road next week and then oh yes, and then the Colts and then, don’t say it, the Patriots. Could we be looking at a reversal record of last year? 0-6 by November? Not too farfetched, I’m afraid.

One last thing - I have always been a big Jeff Fisher fan. I think he’s a great coach. But something that has always bothered me about him is that he is stubborn, loyal to a fault and will not admit when he’s made a bad decision. It was a bad decision to leave the return game in the hands of rookies. Now, if JF gets fired, they should seriously think about hiring me. I know what I’m talking about!

Steelers and Terrible Towel People Stomp the Titans
By Bethany Reynolds/Titans Chick

This is Take 3 on this article. The first one was not publishable, even on the anything goes Internet but certainly not for this distinguished publication. The second, I was feeling a little calmer, trying to comfort myself by saying “at least I’m not a player or one of their wives. They must really feel horrible.” But now, I have had a few days to stew, reflect and recover (only to be re-enraged by the Volunteers on Saturday but that’s a different article and writer)

Okay, let’s break it down. The Titans lost to the Steelers in overtime 13-10. They entered a very hostile environment. Not only were they going into the house of the football world champions but they were facing about 65,000 rabid fans who wanted revenge for what happened last December. No, not that the Titans pummeled the Steelers 31-14, but that they defaced their sacred “terrible towel.” I must admit, I had never heard of this “terrible towel” and had no idea of its significance. So when Lendale White stomped on this ugly yellow sweat towel last year at the end of the Titans-Steelers game in Nashville, I didn’t know that people would be plotting his demise for the next nine months. Poor Lendale carried the ball 8 times in last Thursday’s game and was booed mercilessly each time. Come on towel people, let it go!

I’m still cringing from the splits that Steelers’ safety Troy Polamalu did during the blocked field goal. This guy was a freak, flying all over the field, terrorizing our players. But his little crotch splitting stunt is going to cost him 3-6 weeks- a devastating blow to the Steelers. But I don’t care about them. I’m more concerned about “Bo”Bo Scaife! He was on his way to a great game having 5 catches for 48 yards until he went down with a knee injury. I hear we’ll have rookie Jared Cook back for the Houston game this Sunday which will allow us to let BoBo heal a little longer. Former Steelers receiver Nate Washington should be back to full force and ready for action as well.

You know, after a few days to think about it and listening to my boys on the Wake Up Zone and Plaster and Company, I really feel like this game was just a blip on the radar screen. We’ve got the makings of a championship team, if we can just stay healthy. Chances are we will have another shot at the Steelers, so all you towel people out there, we’ll getcha when it counts - in the playoffs. See ya there!

This Chick LIVES For Football Season
By Bethany Reynolds/Titans Chick

Last Saturday night around six p.m., I began to shoo my family out of our family room. I cleared up the pile of books, sheet music, lesson plans and grade books from earlier that day. I was tired but also fired up. I cooked some popcorn and got a Diet Rite from the fridge (five years ago it would have been a Miller Lite). I turned on our 42-inch plasma TV and muted the sound. I turned on my little portable radio to 103.3. Hearing the voices of the Mike Keith and Frank Wychek, my cats ran for cover, as they knew it is that time of year again - when their loving mother turns into a screaming lunatic for three hours every week.

It is game time. My time! This chick LIVES for football season.

I know, I know, preseason doesn’t mean a thing. Well, that’s not true. It is vitally important. It not only gives the coaching staff a chance to see their new draft picks, but it’s also a chance for un-drafted players to win that ever-coveted roster spot. But most importantly, it gives the fan a chance to dig out our favorite player’s jersey and act like a fool for a few hours. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. First, my sweet little Vinciepoo. I have been a Vince Young fan from day one. I didn’t care that he made a 6 on the Wonderlic test. He was just having a bad day, I’m sure. But as we are all aware, after his phenomenal rookie season, it’s been all downhill. Vince has really not had a bad pre-season; in fact, he had a really good game Saturday night, throwing 17/24 for 174 yards and one touchdown. (He would have had a rushing touchdown, but that mean old Browns player plowed his helmet into the ball on the one yard line and caused a fumble instead.) Anyway, VY, all in all, is holding his own. But all that means is that he has probably secured the number two quarterback position for the Titans.

So here’s what we have: Kerry Collins (by the way, let’s hear it for the oldsters!) is the starting quarterback, and unless he goes down with an injury (like a broken hip) or just really does horribly, he will remain the starting quarterback and hopefully will take us all the way to Miami in February. That leaves the Titans in a predicament. Vince carries just a $4.6 million salary-cap figure for this year, but in 2010 it jumps to $14 million. Do the Titans want to spend that chunk of change on a backup quarterback? It would have been an easy decision if Vince had just stunk it up during this preseason, but he didn’t. He did pretty good. But pretty good and 14 mil don’t jive either. What to do?

Well, we’ve got one more game to see if he can keep the hope alive for all of us who bought VY jerseys, named our dogs (or children) Vince, and want him around for the next 10-12 years. Stay tuned…