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Lindsey Tipton is an exceptional singer/songwriter originally from Pleasanton, California. Her lyrics strike directly at the heart of the elusive relationships of herself and her peers. Honest and forthright descriptions of the struggles of today's love interests helps anyone who has been there and done that to totally relate to the highs and lows of making things work out. Lindsey has played at many of the top venues in Nashville and continues to ride the tightwire on the edge of breakthrough success in Nashville's country music market. She has a full album of songs that are mastered and ready for release as well as three impressive music videos to back it all up.
Contact: info@lindseytipton.com

Music Videos by Malibu Video Productions (Conrad Noddin)
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Raquel Renner was born in the quiet lake district of Medford, New Jersey but spent most of her childhood in Southern Florida, where she grew up on a farm and learned to ride horses and tend to the everyday needs of a working ranch. “I really wanted to be a ‘city girl’ but that wasn’t really working out for me living on 10 acres out in the boondocks!” she says. Raquel recently returned from Nashville, Tennessee where she recorded several original country tunes at Hilltop Recording Studio and performed at the world famous “Tootsies.” Her new songs are due to be released in the upcoming months.

More Info On Raquel: http://www.raquelrenner.com
For Booking: Chris Sabonya @ Arrow Entertainment:
Phone 425-269-0785

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On Tacy Lane...After being based in 3 cities, 3 EPs, 4 music videos, opening for national acts, their music licensed to several TV shows, close to 2.5 million plays and views on MySpace and closing in on 200,000 friends, featured in Radio & Records trade magazine, recently touring in Greenland to play for the US troops, etc. In 2007, OTL shifted its headquarters to the music capital of the world, Nashville, TN. Mike Puwal, producer for Insane Clown Posse, produced their new OTL EP entitled, “Pretend the Thing with Charlie Never Happened.” Lead singer and songwriter Darryn Yates talks about the move to Nashville. "This is the band I've always envisioned for OTL. The move to Nashville allowed us to find the members of the team that I believe will take this band far. We are all very excited."
Contact: info@ontracylane.com

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Brittany Taylor began performing with the Kentucky Opry Junior Pros at the age of seven. At the age of twelve she was selected to perform for the US 23 artists in Nashville. At 17, Brittany pulled her roots from a small town in East Kentucky and brought them all the way to Nashville to plant a new seed. It’s been two years now since the move. Presently a junior at Middle Tennessee State University, she has just one more year of college until she completes her degree in the Recording Industry Major. Aside from school, Brittany has been hosting and performing at various local writers nights in the Middle Tennessee area.Her ambition is to become a successful main stay in Country Music as both an artists and a writer. She not only performs and sings, she also writes and arranges her own material. When it comes to her music, you’ll find an array of style, theme and sometimes, even genre. Contact: www.myspace.com/brittanytaylormusic

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KingBilly, in addition to having their own reality show on the GAC Network, knows what it takes to make it in Nashville - hard work, talent, and persistence. Regarding the name KingBilly, Trey and the boys came up with a huge list of words that sounded cool, and they started mashing together every possible combination. When all was said and done, everyone seemed to like the way KingBilly rolled off the tongue. It wasn’t until later that the significance of the name took hold.There is no official definition for the term kingbilly, but it has been used to describe those elder members of hillbilly society (a “kingbilly” is a leader of the hillbillies). However, the most fitting aspect of the name KingBilly is its undeniable reference to the billy goat.The band KingBilly, like the goat, is known by its behavior and attitude. The KingBilly boys are determined to produce the best music possible and will not settle until they reach the top.  Contact: http://www.kingbilly.com

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PLAY: "Who I Love And Who Loves Me"

Julie Delgado has been singing most of her life. Julie has been in the casts of many stage musicals at civic light operas in the Los Angeles area, her native city, and has had the privilege of singing our national anthem at many southern California venues, such as Angels & Dodgers Stadiums, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Julie enjoyed working at “the happiest place on earth” (Disneyland) as a parade singer/performer as well. She has radio experience working with famed DJs of KZLA as an assistant in Los Angeles. She is a long time member of NSAI and SGA. After moving to Nashville with her husband, Manuel Delgado of Delgado Guitars, Julie has had exciting experiences meeting and working with other songwriters, musicians, and singers in the community.
Contact: (615)227-4578 email:julie@delgadoguitars.com http://www.myspace.com/juliedelgadomusic

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Karl Sapp began learning to play music when he was 9 years old. Karl lives with his wife Cathy, son Dustin, and daughter Morgan in Lakeland, FL. He recently returned from Nashville, where he had an opportunity to perform some of the many songs he has written. He currently has songs being played on Internet radio stations, including RAM Radio, KJIM Radio with a new release on All About Country Radio, the single is called "White Lightning Or Pink Champagne" and is getting great reveiws. Among everything, he is also honoring a songwriting agreement with Winners Circle Country Music Publishing. The Bluebird Café in Nashville selected Karl to perform his music in their prestigious establishment. Contact:  (863) 860-8727
http://www.karlsapp.com     http://www.myspace.com/karlsappmusic

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April Taylor takes her musical heritage seriously but when your great grandfather wrote songs with the world famous Carter Family, it just comes naturally. The Plateau Recording Artist, Bristol, Tennessee native grew up surrounded by music. “All my life I have heard the stories about my great grandfather on my mother's side writing music with the Carter Family."In January of 09 she was invited to perform at the NBA Spurs Game in San Antonio, Texas. She performed the National Anthem as well as a Halftime performance, kicking 2009 off to a great start. Nashville recently announced April as the #2 Independent Artist of the Year on Music Row also making her Top Female Independent Artist of the Year for 2008 on the Music Row Charts. The year 2009 looks to be a great year for April Taylor.
Contact: Plateau Records (615) 541-2536    http://www.apriltaylor.net

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LoCash Cowboys - Chris Lucas and Preston Brust. Their style of music has been called a cross between Country, Rock and Roll, and some Hip Hop thrown in for good measure. Chris Lucas' love for country, rock and R&B was evident from an early age. Chris arrived in Nashville in 1998, seeking his way among those who had made it, those who had not, and most importantly, those who would. Preston arrived in Nashville in June 2002. Two weeks later, Chris & Preston, the duo, was spawned. The boys always say: “LoCash is a way of life. It doesn’t mean you are poor or have no money. It just means that some of the best things in life are free – or LoCash. It’s remembering who you are and where you came from.”
For more info and to buy their songs go to:  http://www.locashcowboys.com

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Trina Taylor, a singer/songwriter who left behind a six-figure income in NYC, cashed out on all her savings and moved to Nashville, TN, where in a strikingly short amount of time jump-started her career in the music industry. Trina Taylor's powerful and unique voice is captivating. Her lyrics will bring you on a journey filled with testimonies from her own life experiences growing up with traveling musicians, becoming a single mother, and walking away from complete stability for a dream! Trina Taylor’s song “Natural High” was the winner in the “Search for the Best Indie Songwriter” contest, “Shades of Blue” and “Remedy” were both nominated for the Los Angeles Music Awards as Best Song and Best Female Vocalist; respectively.
Trina was nominated twice for the NYC Jammy Awards as Best  Female Artist. Contact@trinataylor.com      http://www.trinataylor.com/home.html

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Johnny T has emerged as one of the most dynamic, creative, and exciting artists to hit the Nashville music scene in a long time. The combination of incredible stage presence and vocal abilities from lead singer, John Teschko, combined with virtuoso-like musicianship and three part harmonies, results in an impressive and extremely edgy sound that is sure to lure fans of all ages. Johnny's first show was in March of 2006; he performed his first gig in front of a packed house at the French Quarter in Nashville. Johnny and his band have performed for thousands of enthusiastic fans and recorded their first self-titled EP. They have every intention of taking their heavy-hitting music to fans everywhere! Contact: http://www.johnnyt.net

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Lisa Hentrich is well on her way to becoming one of Nashville's premier performing songwriters. In addition to releasing her own self-titled album in 2007, she has also had songs recorded by other major label artists including Capitol Nashville's Chris Cagle on his Number 1 selling album "My Life's Been a Country Song" in 2008. Her song “The Power of a Wish” was featured at the 2008 “Stories of Light” campaign by the Make-a-Wish Foundation. "God's Still in America", co-written by Hentrich, has had multiple album releases, most recently on the 2009 Country solo debut of Lonestar frontman Richie McDonald. There's more in the pipelines from this talented songstress, including an upcoming release on Clay Walker's 2009 album and a song she co-wrote with legendary singer-songwriter Lee Greenwood. For more information on Lisa Hentrich and her music, visit her website at www.lisahentrich.com

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Jacy Dawn, at 25, has already conquered what most can only dream of in their careers. Jacy has already opened for performers such as Carlene Carter, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Martina McBride, Jamie O'Neal, and The Roys to name a few. When she was 16, Jacy was recognized by local politicians, and performed the National Anthem for President Bill Clinton. Jacy says her favorite moment in her career this far was performing on stage with Wynonna Judd. Jacy has had the opportunity to sing at many prestigious venues including Madison Square Garden in NYC. In 2004 and at the young age of 20, the Mayor of Lowell, Massachusetts presented Jacy with a key to the city for all of her accomplishments as a vocalist. Jacy continues to sing for charity events including the National Cancer Society, The Angel Flight Foundation, the Andrew Zabierek Foundation and the Hurricane Katrina Foundation.
Contact: http://www.myspace.com/jacydawn

PLAY: "Luck Ones"
PLAY: "The Power To Break My Heart"
PLAY: "What I'm Leaving Behind"

Kyle Jennings grew up the youngest of three children in a blue collar family in the small working class town of Comstock, Michigan.Kyle focused his attention on writing songs and playing the club scene in Southwest Michigan. As he developed so did his following at it wasn't long before he decided it was time to take his music to the next level. On August 13, 2002 at the age of 24, with a few hundred bucks in his pocket and a U-Haul trailer Kyle made the decision to take his life and his dreams to Nashville. Without knowing anyone in a new town, Kyle introduced himself to the music community and began to vigilantly wrap himself in the ways of the music business. While bartending nights at the renowned Wildhorse Saloon, Jennings spent his days songwriting and learning about the Nashville music scene. Dissecting the work of his biggest influences Jennings began to develop a music style that reflected the characteristics of the spirit of its creator. Explosive, passionate, unpredictable, and poignant, Jennings writing style began to take on a style all its own. Contact: http://www.myspace.com/kylejenningsmusic

PLAY: "Bringing Me Down"
PLAY: "Can I Run In The Dark"
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Alison Parson has been singing since... well, forever. Alison is a fresh new face on the music scene in Nashville and has been singing and writing her own music for years. She has performed at: The Liberty bowl (appearing with B.B. King), at Eurodisney (where she played "Sandy" in Grease), at "Gilley’s" in Dallas, TX, The Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, TN, and many other sporting events such as the ESPN boat races, the NAIA football championship, Tupelo T-Rex Hockey, Memphis Riverkings Hockey, and the Memphis Redbirds baseball team. Alison has opened shows for artists such as Vince Gill, Amy Grant, The Oak Ridge Boys, Linda Davis, Little Big Town, Cindy Moore, and the Clark Family. You can find her in several music videos on CMT. Alison made her first television debut on the Dr. Phil show along side Thomas Hardin. Alison has helped raise over $30,000 for Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital and has spent countless hours speaking to children about the importance of believing in themselves and their dreams. Contact: www.myspace.com/alisonparson

PLAY: "Nothin Will"
PLAY: "Me Without You"
PLAY: "Til I'm Not Broken"

Amber McDonald - AKA Ambie Mac was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but always had a Southern Belle's heart.Ambie got her start early, singing in beauty pageants that later led to the Miss America Scholarship Pageant. Singing positive, inspirational music with country in her heart as her destiny. One of her notable characteristics is her "girly girl meets country girl" image. Ambie has been known for her hot pink high heeled cowgirl boots that match her bright pink lipstick and pink Ford S10 pick up truck with matching pink seats. She has been called "The Un-Red Neck Woman". You may have seen Ambie in several national television commercials, music videos, news reports, and she is currently the lead actress in the nationwide television show "Faith Cafe". Ambie has also worked with such networks as the DIY Network, Shop At Home Television, and the Food Network, just to name a few. Modeling is a part of Ambie's repertoire and she was honored to be chosen as one of Nashville's "25 Most Beautiful People" this year. Contact: http://www.myspace.com/ambiemac

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Ross Copperman was born in Roanoke, Virginia, and from a very early age he knew he wanted to sing and remembers back to when he was just 5 years old belting out songs that were on the car radio in his Mom's car. Ross is known for his sweeping melodies and spacious choruses, but his emotive, scuffed-up voice bestows an intimacy that makes each song feel as if it were written for the listener alone. He eventually made the decision of signing to UK label Phonogenic / RCA Records. Now relocated and living in Nashville, Ross has toured up and down the country for the past 12 months making a name for himself. He released a 'soft' single in the UK, "As I Choke" last year and it was single of the week on iTunes and broke the record by having a staggering 40,000 downloads in just one week. His first single "All She Wrote" hit an amazing #38 in the UK charts which is quite an achievement for a new artist. August saw "Found You" released and it hit the UK charts as well. Contact: www.myspace.com/rosscopperman

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Jara Johnson is a singer/songwriter originally from Clarinda, Iowa, a small town in Southwest Iowa. She began playing her new songs out at open mic nights when living in Houston, even getting the chance to sing the National Anthem at a Houston Astros baseball game in front of thousands. Later a pressing thought became a reality when Jara and her husband packed up all they owned and drove to Nashville, no jobs, and not knowing a soul, only following her passion for music and that constant drive to make her dream a reality. Three of her current songs, "The Last Time", "Where I'm Coming From", and "It All Could Have Ended There" she wrote with Nashville hit songwriter, Tim Johnson, who has had many of his songs cut by Country artists and had numerous number 1 hits. These songs and more Jara put out on her newly recorded album..."That's What I Call Home" which will be on iTunes, Amazon and several other Internet music markets soon.
Contact: jarajohnson@gmail.com

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Jenn Bostic, a Minnesota native, is putting a fresh spin on modern country music. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Gretchen Wilson, Bostic blends the best influences of pop, funk, blues, and country to create a sound that is both exciting and accessible to listeners of all backgrounds. While touring as the lead singer in an east-coast country band, Jenn was able to open for major artists including Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, Sugarland and Brad Paisley. Not only does Bostic have a passion for performing music, but for people as well. In March of 2008, she had the opportunity to travel overseas with Armed Forces Entertainment to perform for our troops in Kuwait and Iraq. She also holds a degree in education from Berklee College of Music, and donates her time at various music camps throughout the year. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Bostic has recently released an independent album entitled “Keep Lookin’ for Love,” now available on iTunes. Contact:  www.jennbostic.com

PLAY: "Good For Somethin"
PLAY: "Kiss My Rainy Day Away"
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