The Gallery is intended for serious Photographers and Fine Artists to display their work. Our Gallery is a great place to be discovered by patrons who can contact you directly, as well as a place to express yourself and share your talent with other creative people that love capturing life like you.

Amy - Gallery
The Gallery At Nashville Newzine.
Rebecca Ruegger, versatile Nashville artist, debuts a new collection of mixed-media sculptures in her first show at Gallery One in Belle Meade. This newest body of work - sculpture, draws on nature and the animal world and incorporates wood, clay and found objects. This represents a departure from her award-winning complex figurative work on paper and soft dreamy landscapes in oil. See more of Rebecca's work on the Nashville Newzine Gallery here.
Amy Tyler, the assistant managing editor of Nashville Newzine, has some wonderful still life and wild life photography being offered for sale on her gallery called Dandelion Studio. She has sold pieces on various web sites and is eager to share her current work in her online studio. (Click on the graphic)
New Artist on Nashville Newzine - Rebecca Ruegger's "Water Bird".
Painting Chrome by new artist on our Gallery - Shirley Barker. "When she paints chrome, she sees and feels the reflections of life that catches her soul and lingers within her heart. To Shirley, a good artist must capture this soul for all to see and leave them breathless for all eternity." Shirley is a member of the Arts Council of Williamson County.
Featured Artwork - Oil on Canvas "Salmon Run" by Sharon Rusch Shaver. (Click above to see more of Sharon's work)
Featured Artwork - "Stones River Reflections" by Ken White. (Click photo to go to Artist's section of the Gallery)
Featured Artwork - "Dirty Blonde" by Von Derry. (Click photo to go to Artist's section on the Gallery)




View work from some of Tennessee's finest Artists and Photographers.

Nashville Newzine visited the Arts Council of Williamson County and filmed three artists sharing their work and techniques.

Presentation from Spring Hill Arts Center.
Interview with Artist Kelly O'Neill.

Tennessee Art League.

Arts Council of Williamson County.

The New Gallery at Old Natchez House in Leiper's Fork.
Photographer Carol Roberts also on the Nashville Newzine Gallery.
Bicycle Sculpture at Leiper's Fork Festival.
Artist - Bob Jones - Also on the Nashville Newzine Gallery.
Photographer Eric Hansen - Also on the Nashville Newzine Gallery.

Artists on the Gallery:
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Kathryn Abernathy
Jan Amiss
Frank Baggett
Shirley Barker
Marc Bell
Gay Bryant
Nancy Cain
Lori Campbell
John Cannon
Jim Collins
Von Derry
Gary English
Art Faschan
Allan Friedlander
Julian Wayne Hagan
Eric Hansen
Sandra Harris
Gary Hartsfield
Tabitha Hawk
Faith Heitzer
Susie Sims Irvin
Melanie Jackson
Ethan James
Linda Johnson
Bob Jones
Robert S. Jones
Taylor Jorjorian
Byron Jorjorian
Betsy Karounos
Vinci Kolodziejski
Paula Leach
Christina Long
Edie Maney
Christine Parachek Marshall
Jamie McCormick
Emily McGrew
Shelly Miller
Jane Moody
Laurel Nash
Ev Niewoehner
Robert Nipp
Kelly O'Neill
Brian Parker
Joni Porter
Ginna Priest
Lori Putnam
Marabeth Quin
Roz Ramey
Rebecca Ruegger
Dorit Riley
Donna Rizzo
Jimmie Roberson
Carol Roberts
George Rothery
Indra Sahu
Mike Serkownek
Sharon Rusch Shaver
Norb Skalski
Charles Snoek
Barbara G. Stokes
Jerry Stout
Amy Tyler
Tom Walton
Pat West
Ken White
Wanye Wilcox